We are in the mist of it.  Winter, that is.  It’s January turning into February and, well, we’ve got at least one more cold month to get through. *Sigh*

Who else feels like winter is sucking every ounce of moisture out of them?  I mean, when the heat comes on, I feel like a prune.

This winter my skin and hair have needed a little extra TLC, but I haven’t been losing my mind.

I started to think, “Why is that?”  “What am I doing better this year than winters past?”

Then, it finally hit me.  It’s the products.  I have finally found the honey-hole of products that are naturally-based and straight up saved the day—or season.

5 out of the 6 products are from Young Living.  You guys, I can’t emphasis how much I love this company and their products. Now I don’t know how I would make in through this season without them. Here are my must-haves.

  1. Breathe Again Roll-On: I swear by this roll-on. It helps me breathe easier, and I love to use it before working out to help open me up. This blend has Peppermint, Myrtle, and Copaiba with four different types of eucalyptus—including Eucalyptus Blue grown on Young Living’s Ecuador farm. During these winter months, I need all the help I can get to keep me breathing well.
  2. My Satin Mint Scrub, I mean, This. Scrub. Seriously, you won’t get what I mean until you try it. It is a water-based exfoliant. It contains jojoba oil, mango butter, MSM (a building block in collagen to help keep the skin smooth and healthy), aloe, and Peppermint essential oil.  Talk about feeling like you have a peppermint patty on your face. I have found that using a great exfoliator like this not only helps keep the dry skin away, but enhances your moisturizer by penetrating into the skin better.  It gives the perfect foundation for your skin to drink up the moisture.  I do this 3 times a week by scrubbing my freshly clean face in a circular motion, and it is hands down my favorite exfoliator EVER.
  3. I’ve been using Art Intense Moisturizer every night. It is an ultra-hydrating face cream made with naturally derived ingredients of pracaxi seed oil, blue bird hibiscus leaf extract, and 5 essential oils. It helps recapture the qualities of younger-looking skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, supporting even tone, and makes skin smoother. Using this and exfoliating has made a world of a difference.
  4. Ok, Frankincense, is #myeverything. It’s a skincare mecca. I truly believe it changed my skin.  I used to put a drop in my Art Intense Moisturizer every night (see above).  It made my skin so soft and I could see improved smoothness.  I was shocked!  So, now I just pop a roller top on the bottle and roll it all over the face and neck after I put my moisturizer on and gently rub it in.  In my opinion, it helps cell turnover and helps me maintain radiant skin.
  5. Rose Ointment: This bad boy comes out when there is a dry skin emergency—like a red dry patch on my face or neck. I usually put a drop of lavender or frankincense in the ointment on my hands and rub it together and put on the dry patch.  BUT, I have found a new favorite use for it.  My poor lips have been flaking, peeling and cracking.  I’ve been applying this am and pm and I am loving how soft it makes my lips. It has Rose essential oil to improve skin texture, while Tea Tree works to soothe rough, irritated skin or lips!
  6. Monat Leave-In Conditioner: I always have a little bit of dry hair since my texture is naturally curly BUT it has been drier than normal. This winter, I have been applying a little bit of this am and pm (even on days I don’t wash my hair) and it has made all the difference.  My hair looks shinier and is happier!

These products have been helping me battle the cold, dry air more than anything I have ever used.

What are your go-to products to help combat winter dryness?  Share on my Facebook page (click below) or my Instagram @naturalbeautyandliving.

If you are interested in the products above, I can customize a winter bundle package for you from Young Living.  Send me a message so we can chat. If you are ready to jump in right now, go here and I will shortly send you an e-mail and walk with you on the journey. Here are the Young Living products I just wrote about—get some or all in a bundle I can customize for you specifically.