It’s March and I woke up to freezing temperatures.  The good news is that the snowstorm they were predicting moved out to sea, so now it is just a little bleak here.  I’m sitting in my office, typing this up, and my fingers and hands are cold despite the warm heat that is blowing through the house.

So, I decided to make a hot cocoa, if only to hold and warm up my hands.

I look out my window and I see the bare branches.  Winter seems to be winning in the war of the seasons.

Winter move on out—It’s Spring’s time now. I hope Mother Nature hears me!

The clocks sprung forward this weekend and, well, I don’t really dig messing with time.

So, I daydream of Spring.

And, then I decided to think Spring, feel Spring and be Spring with this post.

I threw on my diffuser with the “So Fresh, So Clean” blend (recipe below) and I wrote this post with Spring on my mind and in my heart.

Diffusing has so many benefits for our brains and our bodies—in general overall health.  This fall, we talked about why diffusing trumps lighting candles.  You can read about that here. The brief rundown is that candles may smell pretty but if you are using a conventional/traditional candle you picked up, when you burn it you are pushing synthetics and toxins into your air, that you then breathe in.  At the end of my fall post, you can see and read about my research into this, as well.

Today let’s think fresh and airy.  Below are graphics for my favorite 5 Spring blends for the diffuser.  All recipe images are courtesy of The Droppery.

Without further ado here they are:

This is the one I was diffusing as I wrote.

These blends will make your home feel uplifted and Spring will definitely be in the air.

For those of you who have a starter kit, you can get ideas of some oils to introduce into your home for the Spring season.

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