What is natural living? And what is the natural lifestyle?  What does that mean?

A few years back, I would see people talking about natural products and organic eating and I thought, “Hum, that sounds like the two “E’s”, expensive and exhausting.”  What does no chemicals and toxins mean?  I would say this as I was wiping my counter with my conventional brand wipes, as I was throwing a common laundry detergent in the washer and popping a normal pain killer in my mouth to calm a raging headache.

What does “natural” even mean?

Last week when I was at the store I bought all the natural products.  Aren’t they the ones that are packaged in brown cardboard with green leaves all over it? Right? (That is called greenwashing for sure).  Aren’t these products good for me?  People have been using them for years and they are fine.  Just fine.

Aren’t they?

Or are they? That is when I started thinking.  My town opened a farmer’s market and I went.  I loved it!  And I started to think about where my food came from.  But, that was only the first layer.  I keep peeling more back, bits and pieces, here and there.  Are we fine?

Why is asthma on the rise?  Why do so many people have acid reflux issues? Reproductive issues? Skin irritations? Hormonal disruption? Why do so many of my friends have little ones that have focus issues?  What is happening? Where is this coming from?

I started to research and my mind was blown.  I realized that some of the most hazardous things we are using are ones that we are willingly exposing ourselves to. We are freely, readily putting these products in our bodies, and on our bodies daily.  Daily! And they are affecting our health.

This changed my world significantly. Now that I was a regular at the farmer’s market, I realized that not only my eating habits had to change, but what I was using on my body, my kids’ bodies, and in my home had to change. That change,—it changed me.  It opened me up. As I ate healthier, as I was cognitive of the products I used, I saw a change.  I felt a change. My tummy didn’t hurt, my skin looked clearer, my energy picked up.

I get it.

I, truly, get it.  I know that feeling of being overwhelmed. I get the question, “Where do I start?” because it is where I started. Maybe you feel a little skeptical. I was too.  I think the biggest obstacle that needs to be overcome is understanding that it can’t all be done at once.  Taking small chunks each month, or every few months is where it starts.  One month you may focus on ditching and switching your conventional household cleaners, another month you can focus on clean skincare, and yet another month focus on non-toxic cosmetics.

Come to this blog, exactly where you are—wherever that may be. This is a lifestyle, which means that it isn’t something that is going to happen all at once, you will move into it gracefully. We will learn together. I want this blog to be an educational resource to you so you can slowly start moving into a natural lifestyle. It’s not scary, it’s not expensive and it isn’t exhausting.

Trust me.

It will help you live a life of wellness with purpose and abundance.  It will ease your body and mind.

We all need to brush our teeth, clean our homes, wash our dishes and do our laundry.  Why not buy your products with purpose and intention?

This blog is here so you can benefit from my research.  I have a hair care line that works way better than any of your traditional lines.  I have tested it for almost a year.  And, the same goes for your virtual drugstore of anything and everything you can think of for clean living from Young Living.  This company has it all covered, from oils for wellness, clean products for home, your skin and even a new make-up line. This is a company that thoroughly impresses me and amazes me. I, also, will be doing reviews on other brands of cosmetics and products that come along my path.

Come. Stay. Be part of the community. Create a lifestyle you will love.