Friends, I have been wanting to write this post for so long.  It has been on my heart, but I haven’t been able to sit still long enough to get it into words for you to read.

Why you ask?

Well, in one-word, summer.

I got home from Utah, and it was a whirlwind. It was my kids first week of summer.  So, as I processed everything from my wonderful trip, I was thrown into setting up a schedule for the littles, making sure we had reading time, creative play, and some pool time thrown in. Then just as we got in the swing of things, we left for vacation.

However, this gave me the time I needed to look back and clearly see my pathway and what got me to this place I am at today.

All it took was me saying, ‘yes.’

I was nervous.  I was fearful. I was unsure.  But, I felt this instinct deep down in me that said, “Put it aside.  Say yes.”

So, I did.

Mona, Utah

It was the holidays 2016, I had bought essential oils to see if they would help with a few issues we needed support with.  I was already on a natural path, and always considered holistic avenues before turning to conventional medicine. This is when I started with oils.  I got my box and let it sit for a while, then slowly piece by piece started peeling off the layers like an onion. Each time, I peeled I was more excited about the successes I was seeing.

Utah brought it all together for me this year.

I look back, and I see the gradual progression.  When I accepted this calling, it was more than work.  I saw it as helping, caring, and friending people.  I saw myself more clearly through the process, and identified areas of my life I wanted to work on.  I continue to see so much self-growth, love, and confidence.  Best part, it never, for a day, has felt like work.

Utah 2018. Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I learned so much more about essential oils, I visited the farm, I conquered my introvert fears, I grew, and I made deeper friendships.  I knew I could wrap this whole trip up, bring it home, and give it as a gift to my team leaders and customers.

Mona Farm, Utah

I am positive that every single person who joins me on this journey is meant to be here.  I am certain in leading them to their own love for essential oils, and experience their own yes(s). It may be loving their oils and using them or it may be chasing their dreams and using oils to achieve their goals.

Building a community of like-minded people, loving on people, helping families.  It’s all such an honor.


I started my journey wanting sleep and hormonal/emotional support. What I got supported not only sleep, and hormonal and emotional aspects of my life, but stress, healthy immune, boo boos, breathing, personal care, beauty, supplements. I am my best healthiest self today, because of this natural toolbox I now own.

I love knowing that I am powered by nature, and that plants are my life-line. Better than toxins being my life-line, right? And this goodness comes from a one stop shop right to my doorstep monthly. I pick what we need and customize it to fit those necessities.

Beautiful, sweet Lavender.

I overcame a lot going to Utah. Anxiety of not being outgoing. Fear of crowds (I absolutely loathe them), but I also got so much from the trip—not only in education, but in self growth.

Moral of the story.  Say yes.

Say yes to try plant-based products to use on you, your family and your home.

Say yes to building a business from home, regardless of knowing little, because there are amazing resources set in place to help you, plus me.

Say yes to the mamas/friends/family members who want to join you and dream big while running toward financial freedom together.

Whether you just want to use great products or be a mover and a shaker.  It doesn’t matter.

It only takes YOU to be a “natural” leader.

Be the leader your family needs to cut the crap out of your products and use what the Earth provides through nature. Leaders become great NOT because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others. So, empower yourself, your family, your friends…and even those you may not know.

Be a leader and take that first step in a new direction that will benefit your mind, body and soul. Sharing your successes and building a business on it. Today can be just one day OR Day One.  You need to be that leader and decide.

Utah, you have a piece of my heart.  Your beautiful sunny, dry days, that turn into the most beautiful warm evenings.  Your landscape with green trees that juxtapose your arid mountainous skyline. I came to you nervous, I left you a leader. I departed from you better.

All because of one word, YES.

I want everyone to know this. Reach out, I am ready to share and invite you in! 

If you’re looking for oil mentorship to get started with oils, or you have questions about the business side of things, I’m happy to help guide you into this lifestyle whichever way YOU choose. Connect with me by clicking on the “Oils” tab on the top menu bar, and filling out the form on the right of your screen.

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Are you ready to join me? Are you ready to say yes?