Ok, skin cleansers—AKA face wash—let’s talk about them.

I found this Annmarie cleanser when I was going through a bout of hormonal acne and needed something that was gentle on my skin.  I didn’t want to strip my skin of oils, and I didn’t want to dry my skin out to encourage new breakouts.

It worked great at doing just that. And when I was cleared up, I moved on to making my own face wash with essential oils.

Then fast forward a few months, and my little girl was getting these little bumps on her face.  They weren’t necessarily blemishes, but they were definitely some type of irritation.  I let her start using some of the face wash I was making hoping to calm it, but what I found is —-it didn’t work.

Turns out that little kids have thinner skin and it can be much more sensitive. So, my face wash was not helping.

Enter Annmarie Gianni’s Aloe-Herb Cleanser back into my life.

I opened the box and gave it to my daughter, hoping that is would help, and guess what?

It did.

Completely empty bottle of Annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser after months of use.

She is now on her second bottle and has been using this product for about four months.

I have never found a cleanser quite like it, and it is absolutely my go-to for any acne-related or sensitive skin issues.  After a week, her skin started looking like normal and everything cleared up and never came back.  It is like the conventional brand, that most doctors recommend for sensitive skin, but without all the chemicals inside.

The packaging is beautiful.  It comes in a glass bottle and the texture is liquid-y yet creamy.  It smells divine.  It is a fresh citrus-y scent that my daughter constantly pulls up to her nose and goes, “Ah, mommy this smells so good.”  If I ever walked through an orange orchard on a bright and sunny summer morning, this is the scent that I imagine I would smell.

The cleanser lifts excess oil without drying the skin.  As I saw with my daughter, it completely pH-balanced her skin back to its normal state.  Fatty acids are included in its make-up so that it supplies your skin with natural hydration. This product plays well with all skin types.

The ingredients are super clean, organic and wild-crafted.

And the reward = beautiful skin.  My daughter’s skin looks soft, nourished and has a beautiful glow to it.

Have irritated, sensitive or acne prone skin?  Try this!  Your skin will thank you!

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