I bet you clicked here to find out what the big secret to get rid of dry skin is.  I mean, we all suffer with it during certain seasons of the year.

I’m here to tell you that there is actually no secret!  Nope, none!

Well, why am I here then?

Well, I will tell you why…I have struggled every winter with dry skin and have tried so many things to get my glow back, but I found there is a formula that really helps.

This is research done over the last 3 winters that I found what really works at keeping the dry skin at bay.  —And I am going to share it with you.

As we get into my tips, I want to get your head in the right place and I just posted this quote on my Instagram page recently, “Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.”  (if you aren’t following me on IG you should, here is my handle @naturalbeautyandliving)

Why do I say that?  Well, it is the main and biggest tip I have for you.  If you have severe dry skin, buying the best moisturizer and slathering it on is not going to help.  There’s not a quick fix, but if you work on it day by day, month by month you will see a change.

So, onto my first tip.

  1. Drink water. And what I mean by this is make sure that you are getting as many ounces as you need each day. Sometimes, if I had a crazy day, I’m chugging my water at night to make that happen.  I don’t mean, drink water casually.  I mean, drink it intentionally.  Know how much you have drank in a day.  Have a goal and go for it.  After a few weeks your skin will be more hydrated and probably a ton clearer.  If you do break out when you start drinking water mindfully—don’t freak.  Take a deep breath and understand that your body is getting rid of toxins and this too shall pass.  Get over that hump and you will be so happy you stayed the course.
  2. Exfoliate. Get those dead skin cells off to help get your glow back. Again, this is something that you work on. I started out doing a mask 2 times a week, then I moved it to 3 times, and then I moved it to every other day.  You need to listen to your skin and see how it reacts since everyone is different. Being intentional about sloughing that old skin off will allow the newer skin to show through and regenerate for you.  My favorite mask is in this post.
  3. Renewal. On the topic of renewal, as we age our skin doesn’t turn over as much as it used too. I use this Kypris Moonlight Catalyst at night, because as they say, some things are best done under the moon and the stars. This is a clean alternative to conventional retinoid preparations for nighttime exfoliation and renewal.  It contains peptides & botanical actives (like pumpkin) to help refine skin.
  4. Simple. I have learned that using a few great products makes all the difference. You don’t need a ton of product.  I am in the process of switching out my skincare right now, so I will update my new routine as soon as I fully integrate into the new line I have chosen.  Only then can I give an honest opinion how it is working for me.  Whatever you choose, keep it simple.  If you want suggestions on clean products, reach out to me.  I have used so many great products in my years using clean beauty products, that I can give suggestions. Key point is keep it simple. Use a few products and a moisturizer or oil that topically moisturizes the skin.

They are my top 4 tips.  What I want you to take away from this post, is that if you work intentionally with your skin and take care hydrating the inside, you will see that eventually on the outside.  Working inside out takes time, focus, motivation and effort, but you are worth it.

You got this.

So, start this dry skin (un) secret today.  Check in with me and let me know how it has helped you.

Life is about balance.  If you nurture the inside, the outside will follow. Here’s to banishing your dry skin.

If you are interested in clean lifestyle guidance or essential oil mentorship, reach out to me through the form on my sidebar here.  If you made your decision to start your clean footprint now…there is no better time.  I am happy to educate you, connect you to a community for education, and support you each step of the way.