Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Why?

The carefree feeling of not having a crazy schedule

Early mornings that are warm and require no timetable

Walking barefoot through the grass

Letting the sun quench your skin and fill you with a balmy welcome

Popsicles dripping in our hands as they melt in the sun

Pool days with jumps, giggles and snacks…

Turning into nights that have twinkling lights, fireflies and BBQs

Late nights spent enjoying the company of your loved ones

Knowing that you can wake up the next day and live the dream all over again.

When I smell certain scents, they take me to summer.  Even if there is ice on the ground.

Why is that?

It is because of the beauty of our limbic system and how essential oils can affect it.  Our limbic system is a set of structures inside the brain that supports how we behave, react, and feel.  It can give us our sense of motivation and long-term memory.  It’s directly related to our olfactory system (which is our sense of smell).  Incorporating essential oils into our lives, we can trigger emotions through our sense of smell.

So, when I smell a creamicle, it immediately takes me to the beach (the Jersey shore to be exact) with the ice cream man yelling, “Get your Fudgy, Wudgy!”  Now, this is totally geographical, but you get the idea (and if you lived in the Philadelphia/Jersey area, you get me.)

What I hope to do today is give you a few scents that will bring summer thoughts into your mind, and feelings of warmth in your heart.

Here are a few of my very favorite:

These blends will remind you of sun, sand and sea.

Here is my summer wish for you:

This summer…

May your hair get lighter

May your skin get darker

May the water get warmer

While your drinks get cooler

May your music get louder

May your nights get longer

May your life get better just basking in the glory of sun-kissed days

For those of you who have a starter kit, you can get ideas of some oils to introduce into your home for this Summer season.

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