I love a good bath.  But being a mom, wife, and a business owner life can sometimes mean that my bath game is rarely played, and if I am totally honest, most of the time my bath game isn’t on at all.

A good bath is relaxing, rejuvenating and oh-so-good for the soul. A cup of tea or a glass of wine and a good book while soaking in the tub pretty much equals the best night ever.  I use these bath bombs  or these to get a spa-like experience on those rare occasions that I can fit a bath soak in.

But, like many of you, they are few and far between.  The good news is that I love a good shower too, and I was thinking about how a great shower can lift your spirits.

Could a shower be just as relaxing as the bath?

I started to think about rituals and why they are so important.  That lead me to reflect on the concept of bath bombs and how a shower version could make a daily rinse more of a ritual—more luxurious, more meaningful, and most importantly more therapeutic.

Enter Shower Melts.

They are magic for the soul.  A nice hot shower infused with aromatherapy from plant-power. YES!

I made Lavender and Cedarwood shower melts, but the amazing part is—you can change out the essential oils you use to fit your needs. I find these very calming.

Want a happy blend? Use Orange or Citrus Fresh and Peppermint.

Want a Breathe good blend? Use Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender.

Your imagination is the limit!

Here is the recipe I used:

Shower Melts

↣1 Cup Baking Soda

↣2-5 Tablespoons water (as needed)

↣20 drops Lavender Essential Oil

↣20 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

Soap colorant (optional)

Silicone mold (any shape you like)

Add baking soda to a bowl.  Then slowly mix in the tablespoons of water.  I used the whole 5 for this batch, but you want it to be the consistency of wet sand, not too wet that it turns slimy.  Add in your essential oil and soap colorant and mix well.  Press your mixture firmly into the mold and put in the freezer to dry for about an hour or more.  (It takes about 5 minutes to make these – so simple, so fun!)

Pull out of the freezer and put in a glass air tight container.  You are ready to use.

I find that putting the melts at the top of the shower, near my feet, is best so I can smell the goodness and enjoy it while I shower.

We all need to care for ourselves, to nourish our souls.  Something as simple as a shower melt takes a normal shower to a beautiful spa-like ritual.  We need that time to relax, to thrive.

[Note: It is super simple to make this and you can grab your baking soda anywhere, but be careful what type of essential oils you put inside.  When you buy oils at the big-name stores, you are not getting pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  You are getting oils that have synthetics in them. Be safe and only use the best essential oils for your body.  Friends don’t let friends buy oils at the grocery store.]

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