Believe it or not, a few years ago I wasn’t a real coffee drinking girl. I would have it here and there. Mostly, I would have an espresso or a latte when I was in Italy. I enjoyed them so much that it got me thinking that I should venture beyond another country and make it for myself at home.

When I would go to Italy, in brighter happier days before this virus broke out, I would watch them intently at the cafes to see how they made drinks in their big, shiny industrialized machines. How much milk? Which way are they frothing? How did they flavor the drinks?

I came home and got a machine and slowly started to learn more and more. It wasn’t until we were quarantined that I really started to play more with it and start making my own recipes.

I do dream of those Italian bars with al fresco seating with those thick white cups to hold your precious liquid gold. Someday I have hope that it will happen again, the wind will blow through my hair as I bring that cup up to my lips to sip while the sun shines on a country that has held my heart steadily for years. Ancora.

Through these years I have built quite a curated coffee collection. So much so that my husband now asks for them by name.

I like most types of coffee: espresso, iced, frothed (one of my favorite kinds), whipped (however I can’t do that instant coffee recipe, yuck—I have an alternative for you), sweet, hot and the list goes on.

I’m going to give you a few of the recipes that have been on repeat here so much that I say they are my quarancoffee life. I also have a non-caffeinated steamer recipe for anyone who wants a yummy alternative to caffeine.

Before I start, my recipes are round-abouts.  What does this mean? It means that I don’t really measure. I do a little splash, a big splash, etc. Also, I use an espresso machine for most of my recipes. You can google them, they don’t need to be expensive to work.

Let’s get right into “My Quarancoffee Life” then shall we?

First, I will link my coffee essentials here so they are convenient and you know exactly what I am referring to.

Coffee Essentials List

  1. My espresso machine, and the one I want to eventually get.
  2. Hand frother
  3. Cup Frother
  4. Straws

Caramel Latte

Combine milk and caramel creamer in a vessel that can be used with your espresso machine frother. (You can omit the caramel and it will be a regular latte).

Brew a shot of espresso.

Use your machines frother and foam your milk and creamer.

Pour milk and creamer into a cup, add in your shot of espresso. If you like it sweeter add in sugar or stevia.

Sprinkle cocoa on top.

Typically, I only make a latte or cappincino in the morning. I learned quickly from all my trips to Italy visiting family that these are morning drinks.

Cinnamon Frothed Iced Latte

Brew a shot of espresso.

Pour espresso over ice in a glass.

Combine milk, a splash of vanilla extract, a big shake of cinnamon or cinnamon sugar, a splash of maple syrup, and stevia (stevia is optional but if you like sweet go for it).  Use a hand frother or coffee frother to blend into a beautiful foamy texture. Pour over the espresso and ice.

Top with either regular cinnamon or cinnamon sugar.

This is an anytime pick-me-up type of yummy drink.

Whipped Frappe

Brew a shot of espresso.

Put it in a mug or frother. Add in 1 TBSP sugar, and 1 TBSP hot water and a big splash of vanilla.

Either froth in your frother, use an electric mixer or hand whisk until it is light and fluffy. (I hand froth it with my handheld frother right in a mug.)

Grab a glass and put ice and milk into it. Spoon the fluffy mixture over the iced milk.

I like to use a straw and mix to combine both flavors of the whipped coffee and the milk together.

I like dusting some cocoa or chocolate shavings over top too.

I consider this a sweet treat. It’s more of a dessert drink. But feel free to drink whenever!

Vanilla Steamer

Put some milk in a small pan.

Put it over about medium heat and then add a big splash of vanilla extract and honey. You can also add in stevia if you like it very sweet. Let it come up to a boil to thicken the texture and make fluffy. You can either drink plain or pour over your favorite plain tea.

Great anytime drink. I like doing this with herbal tea sometimes before bedtime. It is comforting.

Espresso Gelato Affogato

A scoop of gelato (or ice cream) in a short glass or mug. I like vanilla, but your favorite flavor will work.

Pour espresso over top. You will probably need a double shot for this if using a machine. Or you can brew on the stove if you have an espresso pot.

This makes the best summer dessert treat! I love some shaved chocolate over top (especially dark chocolate or a drizzle of caramel on top. )

Now I can imagine sitting in a chic coffee bar in Italy, sipping my favorite frothed cappuccino or latte as the morning sun is warm on my skin while its balmy rays also fill my soul with everything good in this world. Soon my friends, soon. Stay well.

I hope you enjoy your quarancoffees much as I have, and that this makes all your coffee dreams come true! Tag me on Instagram with #myquarancoffeelife if you make one of the recipes! Let me know how you like it!

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Thank you so much for reading a little about me and my current coffee habits! I am so happy that you are here.  I read every comment and message on social media, as well as via e-mail and I’m truly grateful for your presence in this space!