Say what?

I thought this was a blog about natural beauty and living?

What is that title about?

Well, you heard me right.  This blog post is about keratin, and before I get questions, I want to tell you a little story about a girl who has struggled with her hair her whole life.

It started early as a kid when frizz was not manageable, that lead to fighting it through the teenage years and even going to salons to get it straightened.  Yikes. Then, through early adulthood to motherhood crying at the beach because even the tight bun that was slicked back still had a halo of frizz.

That girl was me. Here is the real talk.

I struggle through summers, buns, ponytails, hairbands…I have tried them all to manage the frizz, fluff, and coarseness.  And, it isn’t limited to the summer time.  I battle frizz year-round, it’s just even more difficult to control in the hot months.  I tried all different products…and then I switched to natural products a little over two years ago.

My hair has been the healthiest it has ever been with that switch.  It is long, strong and has more brilliance, but I was craving smoother hair and shine.  Although, natural haircare made my hair healthier, it couldn’t solve all the texture issues that I was dealing with.

My hair type is fine, curly and wiry.  The past few years I have been trying to minimize my time getting ready, and I noticed that a HUGE chunk of that time is spent on my hair.  Like major time.

I went on a trip to Utah this past June (you can read about it here) and I was chatting with someone I just met.  Unknowingly, that person was my catalyst.  We were chatting, and she casually said her sister had wiry hair like me.  I don’t even remember what brought the conversation on—maybe it was the hot weather in Utah and how our hair was reacting, but it really struck me.

That night when I went back to the room, I was thinking about her comment…it wasn’t meant to be hurtful, but it struck a chord.  I had spent time on my hair that day de-frizzing, combing, using oil in to make it shiny…yet it still looked wiry to a stranger.

Time to make a change. I am all about natural living, but I am also about balance.

For at least 5 years, I had been looking into keratin treatments, but I feared the chemicals and what it would do to my hair.

Yet, I came home from Utah and was determined to research it more and work toward hair freedom.  ‘Cause honestly friends, my hair was ruling my life with its weird texture and all its high maintenance ways. #truthbomb

I started researching and I came across a local company called Concihairge.  They had Lasio Keratin Treatments AND they come to you for your hair service—that is the basis of their business, and in my book, an added bonus.  As, I started to look up the type of keratin treatment that they offered, I started to become intrigued.

I found that most keratin treatments out on the market are based in silicone and I really was not interested in coating my hair in that.  What made the treatment they had different was that it was water-based.  I also found that many conventional keratin treatments had high levels of formaldehyde, methylene glycol to aldehyde in them. The Lasio I chose was called ‘tropic’ (it is the lightest of the three that they have available) and it was formaldehyde, methylene glycol and aldehyde free and infused with coconut oil.

I realized that I wasn’t going to get a treatment that was completely chemical free, but I wanted to make the best and most educated (and, of course) natural choice that I could.

This was it.  I was scared, but I scheduled an appointment.

The day came and Corissa came over.  (Follow her on Instagram to see the most amazing hair transformations.) I told her my hair story and she listened.

Hair before treatment courtesy of Corissa Benn. Check her link out above.

Hair after treatment courtesy of Corissa Benn. Check her link out above.

A quick clarifying shampoo, blow-dry, keratin process (took less than an hour) and straight-ironing it out.  My first thought was, “Why did I wait so long?”

It is supposed to last 3 months and so far, that has held true.  AND…it is the reason I waited to write this post.  I wanted to see how it held up.  The first 2 months were a breeze, this month I can see a little of my natural coarseness coming back, but nothing like it was.  I have another appointment scheduled in October, because I really like this hair freedom I have now.  I have time for more important stuff, not fighting with my frizz.

I used my natural shampoo and conditioner throughout this process (and still use it) and it has complimented the keratin treatment very well.

I, also, decided to write this post because I think it is important to have balance in our lives.  It’s about limiting the bad stuff, but not depriving yourself from life or something that will make your life better.  It’s about making educated decisions. And this is one that I clearly enjoy and will continue to make.

If you have any questions about the treatment, feel free to ask away.

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