There truly are some simple steps to kicking toxins to the curb. The vast majority of our personal care products—shampoos, lotions, deodorants, cleansers—are all loaded with chemicals and artificial fragrances. The beauty industry puts tons of funds behind their marketing to entice you to spend your money on your personal beauty and health, but you are doing just the opposite. These products contain toxicities that are linked to hormone disruption and imbalances, reproductive problems, skin irritates, allergies and even cancer. What does this mean? It means that by using these products that you could be sacrificing your health.

Where do you start?

In comes the Think Dirty app. It’s a life saver for anyone making the switch from conventional to natural products—especially if you are working to clean your routine.

Here is how it works.

Step 1: Download the Think Dirty app onto your smart phone. Then go through your daily make-up and skincare products. Their “dirty meter” will tell you the carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity and allergies & immunotoxicities that each product has. It will grade them based on a 10-point scale. 0-2 is the neutral zone. You can be sure that the products in this category are good for your health. Next is 3-6 which is half n’ half. The products in this range are moderate and have a level of toxicity to them. The 7-10 category is dirty, meaning these products carry ingredients that are considered toxins. Anything in this category, I would trash. Pull out all your products that score 3 or higher and set them aside. I bet you will be surprised at how many there are.

Step 2: Look at the next tab over labeled “Ingredients.” There will be a list for what is in the product you are investigating. It will color code each ingredient with red being the most toxic (7-10), yellow being moderate (3-6) and green being clean (0-2). The last tab labeled “Our Picks” will give you healthy alternatives for the product you are examining if it rates high on the scale.

Step 3: Use it when you go shopping. If you are at the store and uncertain about a what to buy, scan it! You will get a number right then and there to aid you in making a healthy decision.

Step 4: Lastly, do your research. Consider your own skin type, conditions and overall health. Come up with a budget that works for you and decide what you want to accomplish with the products. It’s your health you’re investing in, so it’s worth it! You may need to start out slow, and that’s OK, you are still working toward your end goal of better health. Can we avoid all toxins out there? No, but you can put a significant dent on the amount you allow in your own body.

By downloading the Think Dirty app you are on your way to a cleaner lifestyle and that feels great!

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