Friends, this post has been a long time in the making.

I’ll start with this — I was not blessed with beautiful hair.  Throughout my life, I have fought, struggled, and cursed my hair.  It always seemed naturally frizzy and unhealthy.

Enter having kids with hormones skyrocketing then plummeting to the depths of the ocean, my hair game was even more pathetic.

My hair was always fine, yet I had lots of texture in the form of waves and curls, however you really couldn’t see it through the frizz if I didn’t style it properly.

When I was a teen, I got it straightened.  Once in my 20s I tried to do a keratin type-of-thing myself—my piece of advice is DON’T DO THAT!  For the love of all that is good, don’t try that by yourself at home. Please. Just. Don’t.  I did get my hair professionally done with keratin over a year ago but get this — I didn’t like it stick straight.  I actually longed for my texture. You can read that post here.

You want what you can’t have, they say. It’s #thetruth.

But, the past 6 months I have said the heck with it.  I am going to deal with my hair and figure out how to live with it, like it, and ultimately not fall victim to it.

Over these months, my hair has been the healthiest that it has been.  I’m going to go over some of the things I have been doing to bring it back to life. Most of this was trial and error and so, so much research.

All that research has gone into this post and I’m so excited to share my findings.  If it helps one person have more good hair days, I have completed my mission.

A few things to start off with, especially for you mamas who have been riding the hormone roller-coaster—because you know that ride doesn’t end after you finish having kids.  On no, you are still onboard until that last loopty-loop.

And it is….

  1. WHAT you use on your hair matters.

I know I talk about all things natural, but there is research out there.  If you are washing and conditioning your hair with crap — it’s what you are going to get.


In common terms, you are putting toxins on your scalp. Most of those conventional products have silicone in them and guess what that does?  It basically suffocates your hair follicle.  It can’t breathe.  When it can’t breathe, it can’t grow strong and the follicle shrinks.  That is why when you start to use a natural shampoo and conditioner you detox.

What is detox?  It looks different for different people.  My hair was a little sticky, flat, yet frizzy so for a few weeks so I wore it up and lived in headbands until I got through it.  That sticky, flat, frizzy yuck is all the gunk coming out of your head. Really and truly. The natural haircare is lifting it out because there is no more room for it.

For over 2 years now, I have exclusively used Monat. I have tried many other natural hair products that were good including Young Living and Innersense Organic Beauty, but I am always honest in my reviews and Monat is the best.  They have all different formulas for different hair types, as well as styling products.

This is where I would start if you are really struggling with your hair.  Look at what you are using to wash and condition it with.

If you want to go a step further, then I would add a few drops of in essential oils into your shampoo bottle.  The most common essential oil hair trio used is Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary.  You will read more about this below. All essential oils are not created equally so before buying anything read the next section of this post. This is where if you are suffering from post-partum or any type of hair loss or thinning you can target healthy re-growth.  Monat also helps with hair loss, but adding in essential oils is like a bonus booster.

  1. Add in plant TLC.

There are 3 recipes that I use all the time that help with this.  Mermaid Mist, Mermaid Massage Oil and Mermaid Mask.  I’ll go over each of them bulleted below and give you the recipes.  I do want to mention that the essential oils that I am talking about in each of these recipes are Young Living Essential oils.  I can’t vouch for any other essential oil that will give you the benefits that Young Living’s will.  They are different in the best ways from everything else out there on the market with their seed to seal guarantee.

Mermaid Mist: This I make in a spray bottle (glass fine mist) with 20-30 drops of Lavender, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Copaiba, Cypress and Peppermint.  I fill the rest up with water in a glass spray bottle, pop the top on and shake.  This might be a little different than other mermaid sprays you might see in education groups or online.  That is because I did research and added some extra oils for added benefits. (You’ll get to meet all the ingredients below).  I spray this on my hair morning and night and then lightly comb or brush it in my scalp.  It doesn’t make my hair oily at all and you only need two or three spritzes.  I also will spray a little on my head after I wash my hair.  You can either do this before or after the Mermaid Massage Oil which is next on the list here below.

Mermaid Massage Oil: I make this in a dropper bottle (like this). All the same oils as above Lavender, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Copaiba, Cypress and Peppermint.  I drop about 30-40 drops each until I fill most of the bottle. After I wash my hair, I put a few drops in my hand and massage it into my scalp.  It has a cooling sensation that makes your head feel even cleaner.  I wait a few minutes after doing this before applying styling products to my hair. Another way to do this is to buy the Young Living’s Mint CBD oil. You can add this to your Mermaid Massage oil by putting a few drops in your hand and mixing with the other blend.  I do not recommend adding it to your Mermaid Massage Oil dropper as it stays much more potent if it is refrigerated.  So, just add when you want an extra kick — which for me is all the time!  CBD is great to help support anti-inflammatory issues so if you are struggling with thinning or hair loss you will want to try this.

Mermaid Mask: This kind of reminds me of a healthy hot oil treatment from back in the day.  Add 3 TBSPs of Organic Castor Oil, I add in a full dropper of Young Living’s Mint CBD oil, and 5 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil in a dropper bottle.  Shake to combine after you have the top on. Place it in a mug of warm to hot water and let sit for a few minutes.  Apply to roots and keep on for an hour to overnight.  If you do it overnight, sleep with a shower cap on so it doesn’t get all over your sheets!  It is THICK.  Shampoo as normal.  I normally shampoo twice, but I washed with my Monat 3 times after I did this mask to make sure that I got it all out.  Then condition as normal.

Meet the ingredients and why I add them:

Lavender: Great to promote tissue regeneration, supports anti-inflammatory properties on skin (think skin on scalp) and can help combat excess sebum on scalp.

Cedarwood: Supports oil-producing glands so that your scalp can be more balanced, it is nourishing and stimulating for the hair follicle.

Rosemary: Can help with circulation of the scalp, also great for dry scalps.

Cypress: Has natural antiseptic properties, can help ease inflammation, and can help stimulate flow of blood to your scalp supporting hair follicles.

Peppermint: Gives the scalp a cool feeling, adds shine to hair, the menthol can also be used as a vasodilator, which can help improve blood flow to any starved follicles.

Copaiba: It’s a magnifier oil.  This means that it enhances the properties of any oil that it is added to and who doesn’t want that?

EDIT: Since writing this post, a friend sent me an article about how cinnamon is great for hair health as well.  There is a possibility that it can promote healthy hair growth because it may inhibit dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  They say that DHT may be a culprit to preventing healthy hair growth.  Since cinnamon is high in antioxidants it can protect hair follicles and preserve hair health and strength. The article I read, suggested 5-6 drops of cinnamon essential oil in about 5 tablespoons of organic olive oil.  Massage into scalp, allow to absorb for 45 minutes and wash out with your natural shampoo. I also added cinnamon to the recipes above (Mermaid Mist and Mermaid Massage Oil) and I will report back to you any difference I see in adding this oil. You could also add a few drops to your shampoo bottle for added hair health benefits.

  1. Ditch the heat wave.

If you can, ditch the heat or minimize it. It really helps.  I ditched the heat from May until August and when I finally blew my hair out, I couldn’t believe how healthy it looked and felt.  I think this easier to do during hot months.  During the cold months I let it air dry as much as possible then used the hair dryer. If you need heat, use a protectant.  This is the one that I love and use.

  1. Care for your hair inside out.

If you are really working to amp up your hair health, work from the inside out.  I always have been a huge supplement taker and I do love Young Living’s Sulfurzyme Capsules for hair, skin, and nail health. Just Google MSM and see all the health benefits it has, but I also have been loving Organic Olivia’s Mane Magic Hair Tonic.   I have been using this for about 4-6 months and I definitely have seen and improvement in my hair health.  It is shinier and stronger.  It is made to support and feed the hair follicles by improving circulation.  This is much like the essential oils I use topically, but this works from the inside out. Click on the link above to see reviews, but to also learn in-depth about how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs help hair health.  I find it fascinating and I completely believe that there are other ways to look at our health then just the Westernized view of wellness.

  1. Brush it off.

I have curly/wavy hair, so I don’t brush my hair often because it causes frizz and a bunch of chaos that I like to avoid.  However, the cooler weather is on the way and it always dries me out, that includes my scalp!  I saw this brush and watched a tutorial on it and then fell in love.  This L’ange paddle brush is the bomb. There is why I love it – 1. It has regular nylon bristles, but it also has boar bristles, so a two for one kind of brush. 2. The boar bristles help to distribute your hairs natural oils down the shaft leaving your hair more manageable. 3. It helps exfoliate your scalp, especially for all us wavy and curly girls out there who feel like we can’t “brush” our hair.

How I use it: I start at the roots and brush down to mid-shaft.  I don’t brush through my hair to the ends, just roots to mid shaft.  It feels like your head is getting a massage, because it pretty much is! I do this morning and night and my hope is by being consistent I can help my scalp maintain a healthy PH balance this winter!

  1. Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens with a great hair tools.

Ok, I know heat is not great for maintaining healthy hair, however, this tool had me at hello after I opened the box and tried it.  I think the key is to let your hair mostly air dry first.  I wouldn’t recommend using it on soaking wet hair right out of the shower.  After the shower I throw my hair up in one of these wraps, and let it dry for a while.  I’ll do my make-up or get dressed and let the moisture be pulled out of my hair from the wrap.  When it is mostly air dry, yet slightly damp, I apply a little styling product and will use this hairdryer/brush combo and dry the rest of my hair.  It takes me half the time it does to use a regular hair dryer and it smooths my hair while giving it a little extra texture and bounce at the ends.

The reason I suggest that you let it air dry first is because the brush doesn’t dry the roots really well since it can’t really reach them with the rounded brush design.  I noticed that it tames the hair much better and in a shorter amount of time if your hair is not completely wet. It will be the best at home blow-out you ever had! I use this mostly during the cooler months…in the summer I have no time for heat!

There you have it.  All my research that I have compiled for over 6 months.  I know it is a long one, but it is a goodie.

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