So, moms—for those of you who don’t use dry shampoo yet, you need to read on.

Who wants to wash their hair a million times during the week?  Or endure bad hair days rocking the mom bun/pony (continuously) knowing you won’t have the time to wash your hair?

I’ve been there and, sometimes, I am still there, but now I have a way to combat bad hair days and eek out another day or so before l need to throw it in a top knot and run out the door.

Meet The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo by Monat.  If you haven’t heard about the line before, check out my post here. I go over why I have only used this line on my hair for over a year.

The reasons I love this botanically-based dry shampoo:

  1. The Sprayer: When I went natural, all the dry shampoos I tried I needed to squeeze the bottle and a puff of the dry shampoo would come out. Now, people—I have dark hair, so a bunch of white powder made me an instant Cruella Deville. No thank you! Plus, it wasn’t only that, but I wanted a nice even coverage of my roots. This sprayer provides that.
  2. Smell: I had a bunch of natural and clean dry shampoos that I didn’t love the smell of. This has a nice clean scent that makes me feel fresh. Bonus.
  3. Not Sticky: I found with a bunch of the dry shampoos that I tried, that they would make my hair sticky. Well, isn’t that the antithesis of what I am going for? This one makes my roots feel clean and less oily.

I love that it has a spray top!

How I use it:

I use it most after I work out.  So, depending on where I need it, I will lift my hair up with my fingers to expose the root and then spray back and forth.  Afterward, I will brush or comb it through (for me it depends if my hair is curly whether I brush or comb) and then, done.  If the underneath of my hair needs it, I just flip my head over and do the same thing.


This dry shampoo is great for amping up your daily volume, too.  If you have fine, thin hair it perfect for that.  I found this out when I would spray it on my hair upside-down.  Big hair, don’t care—Just an extra bonus!

The best part for me is this whole line is made without all the yuck.  Click on my link above to get a look inside what the line is made with and without.

With this dry shampoo, you can look great all while keeping to your natural beauty standards.

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