I only write about face masks that I have used and love.  This one is seriously on the tippy-top unicorn list for me.  Plus, it’s made with Blue Tansy, and being an essential oil person, I know that Blue Tansy is great for skin.

So, it had me at Blue Tansy you could say. 🙂

When I first bought this mask in March, my skin was going through a rough time.  I was breaking out and getting red bumps on my cheeks.  Whether it was dermatitis, stress, acne (I have had my bouts with it) or some other condition I still don’t know, but this changed my skincare course for the better.

But, not right away.

Let’s be real.

When I first got this, I wasn’t sure that I liked it.  It said that you needed to use every other day for the first 5 days.  Then after that, use 2-3 times a week.  I thought they were strange directions. It also made my skin tingle, but after some research I realized that was the natural fruit acids that were exfoliating the top layer of my skin. It’s slightly uncomfortable but went away after 5 minutes. But I wanted change, so I stuck with using the mask despite its quirks.

We all know that change isn’t easy.  We want it quick, but change doesn’t happen overnight.  I started using it as the directions said, and I felt like my skin got worse.  I wanted to cry.  But, my training in essential oils kicked in. The key is NOT to pull oils or a product out in a tizzy and hope for the best. No, you need to use them daily, throughout the day – week after week. So, I followed the directions.

The thing is I had a skin issue going on for sure.  It took a while to show up and most likely it would need time to go away. I realized this was a mask designed for resurfacing and clarity.  There was going to be a purging period. My skin obviously had impurity going on, hence the break out showing up in the form of nasty little red bumps on my skin.  There had to be deeper impurities below the surface pushing these out. (Also, I want to note that I was using all-natural products when this happened, but like anything in life some products may work, and others aren’t for you.)

Slowly, after a month, I started seeing improvement. Now, 6 months later I love the results and I use it 2-3 times a week.

My empty….on to the second bottle.

It, also, was the catalyst for me to change over my whole clean skin care routine, but that is for another day, another post. 🙂

So, let’s get into this Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask.

It’s so beautiful and it smells so good.

⚫︎ Who should use this mask?

If you experience dull skin, get milia, which is a texture issue, (AKA little white bumps on your skin.  Basically, when your skin flakes it gets trapped under the surface or when the keratin on your skin builds up and gets trapped under the skin’s surface), or are acne-prone/get break outs, this product can work well for you.

⚫︎ Is the mask clean?

Yes.  It is also vegan and cruelty free. There are no synthetics, dies, fragrances or preservatives in the product and they do not use fillers.  I like that they use minimal ingredients to get results.

⚫︎ What are the ingredients?

The keynote ingredients are:

White Willow Bark: A natural beta hydroxy (BHA), it is high in salicylic acid to clarify skin.

Fruit Enzymes: Natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), including papaya and pineapple, work to gently exfoliate and leave the complexion smooth and refined.

Blue Tansy Oil: Naturally high in Azulene, which in addition to giving the oil its beautiful blue color works to reduce appearance of redness and soothe dry skin.

For a full list of ingredients click on the link above to go to the page and read through.

⚫︎ How do I use it?

There is a little white spatula that comes in each box.  I dip that into the mask and the use my fingers from the spatula to apply a thin layer to my clean skin. Like I talked about earlier, there might be a slight tingling which is normal as it works to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin. Leave on 15–20 minutes or until mask is completely dry. Rinse with warm water. Sensitive skin: Leave on 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

⚫︎ How long did it last you?

This lasted me about 6 months before I replenished with a new one.  It is $48, and I feel it is worth every penny.

If you are thinking, why should I go with a mask based in green beauty?  Think about your skin.  It is your largest organ.  If you are buying a mask that is full of chemical ingredients, those chemicals are entering your body. But, if you think about it, natural ingredients that come straight from the earth fit better with our biochemistry. Our body is restored and improved if it’s powered by nature not synthetics.

In my opinion, nurturing and powering your skin with nature is the way to go. It’s plant-power at its finest.

Beauties, life is about balance.  Are we going to get rid of all the toxins out there?  No.  But, we can do our best to use what Mother Nature provided and lessen the amount of junk that enters our systems.

If you are interested in clean lifestyle guidance or essential oil mentorship, reach out to me through the form on my sidebar here.  If you made your decision to start your clean footprint now…there is no better time.  I am happy to educate you, connect you to a community for education, and support you each step of the way.