So, a completely new kind of lifestyle post coming to you today. I have been working on a natural makeup post for the blog. It has been taking more time than I thought but when I post reviews of how products work, I give you it all.  So, I need to test one more product out and do a little bit more research before it is ready to come together as a post. I am positive that it will be ready to be completely compiled and written in April.

Until then, I decided that I wanted to write about what I do behind the scenes.  Many of you read my blog posts, see my Instagram stories and my social, but may not know that I also run a communication business or that I authored an eBook to help other small businesses discover their own voices to create their stories.

And that’s not all, if you have been reading my blog long enough you know that I enjoy essential oils (obviously with a blog that focuses on balanced beauty and living) so I am the founder of The Natural Life that is a community geared to the education of essential oils.

I thought this post would be a great way for you to get to know me on another level and meet the writer behind the blog.

On a daily basis my days may look different depending on priorities and my to-do list, but at the end of the day there are tasks that I do every day to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

Did you know:

  • It takes about 3-4 hours to write a blog post. That includes, writing, editing, linking, doing a photo shoot, then photo editing. That is only the actual post itself.  Sometimes the research that goes into a single post could take me months (some up to 6 months) to compile and review.
  • That storytelling is one of my passions. I love writing a good story.  Good stories never are composed in one shot.  They need multiple edits to peel away the unnecessary information to get to the heart of the story.  Sometimes this is difficult for me as I do love a good, descriptive story.
  • That I have helped clients within the communication industry for 11 years now. Writing, editing, doing social, etc.
  • I am still blown away by essential oils and the support that plants can have on our bodies. It never ceases to amaze me all the new ways I learn as I read books and take education in further developing my knowledge.
  • I am addicted to reading. I read books like I am taking a big gulp of water.  I rarely turn the TV on because I am constantly learning, reading, or writing.
  • That natural beauty can be just as good as conventional beauty. That is why this blog is here since I do lots of that research for you!

What does a day in the life look like? This is an example day.  But I do shuffle everything around if I have an appointment, need to run to the market for food, or need to do something for one of the kids at school.

6:30: Wake up

6:30 -8: I wake my kids up and help them get ready for school; I make them breakfast, make the beds, and I take them to the bus stop.

8 -9:15: I usually do my house stuff.  Tidy up, empty dishwasher, wipe things down, vacuum, all that kind of fun stuff.  During this time, I usually grab a lemon water or a coffee depending on the day.  Then I sit down and scroll through my e-mails and mark what I need to respond to. I will also jump on my phone around this time to take note of what comments, questions, and messages came in overnight.

9 – 9:30ish: Eat a small breakfast and get ready to work out. Take my supplements.

9:30ish -10:30ish: Work out. Take my post workout supplements.

10:30 – 11: Get myself together and ready for the day.

11- 1: Review tasks and start my workday.

1:45: Usually will make a lunch smoothie and get right back to work while I drink it.

1:45 – 4: Continue to work.

4: Get the kiddos.

4 – 6: Kids homework help, making next day lunches, kid activities, dinner prep.

6-7:30ish: Dinner, connect with family, clean up.

7:30ish-9: Finish up whatever work was left open and close down. If I don’t have to close a loop, I will take this as more family time.  This is usually when I will post to social media if I have something written.

9 -10: Start prepping for bedtime. Kids go to bed. I review my calendar, write to-dos, read and write, journal and do my daily prayer meditations.

10-11: Do my best to get myself ready for bed and do anything around the house that needs to be done before turning in myself.

I feel very blessed that I am able to work from home and have the freedom and flexibility to shuffle my day around if I’ve got a kiddo who doesn’t feel well,  if I have an appointment or meeting, or I need to run errands for the family.

Wellness & words really encompasses my work life.  Whether I am helping someone slowly enter the world of natural living by introducing them to products and lifestyle changes that are better for their bodies or if I’m writing a book, a post for social media, storytelling, or helping a client with wording for their brand, I am truly living my best life by doing what I know best to do.  I’m fulfilling my calling.

This is an overall picture of a general behind the scenes look at my day, but if you have more specific questions, ask away.

I do have one opening within my communications business to help a client.  I also, have my Empower book if you have specific business goals to better communicate with your customers or clients. You can purchase the book and start reading and writing with “The Motivator” package or pick up “The Performer” package and get some one-on-one communication time with me.

Also, I have a mentorship program and I am accepting two people who will get my personal training and my “The Achiever” package of my book for FREE if they are interested in getting involved in the business of wellness.  All this would require is that you have an interest in having your own business, have a passion for wellness, and would like to know more about essential oils.

I hope that by giving you a run down and a little peek inside my day that it helps you understand me more fully and helps you know me better. I love writing about beauty and lifestyle, but sometimes it doesn’t always give me the opportunity to connect with you as a person instead of just chatting over products.

If you are interested in natural products that will facilitate your wellness, feel free to reach out to me by using the sidebar to write an e-mail, or under “About Me” to connect.

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Thank you so much for reading a little about me and my days! I am so happy that you are here.  I read every comment and message on social media, as well as via e-mail and I’m truly grateful for your presence in this space!