The sun is up, there is a slight breeze in the air. You walk toward the sand. It feels warm between your toes. The waves are slapping against the shore calmly and consistently. The fresh air gives you a fresh dose of vitamin ‘sea’. After the year we have been having, doesn’t this sound like heaven?

If you know me personally, you know that summer is my favorite season. I’m also not a huge sunless tanner because it always seemed like so much work. I’m big on looking natural and over the years I:

1) Couldn’t find one that looked natural enough for me and

2) Wasn’t thrilled with the ingredients in many.

Last year, I found a formula that I liked.  But, being honest, I usually would use it on my legs and call it a day. We have a pool at home so there wasn’t a huge discrepancy between my legs and the rest of my body.

This year, I found another formula that was also clean, and I thought, “why not do a post on them to compare and contrast the products.” So, I gathered the two sunless tanners and got to work.

It has taken some time to do the research as I would put one on and have to wait until it completely wore off before putting the next one on.

So, if you are ready for a natural, healthy glow get ready to read the nitty, gritty.

I found my first sunless tanner while buying my favorite sunscreen. I use Coola for sunscreen for my whole family. They are a naturally driven brand and take the environment into consideration since they are reef friendly. I have used this sunscreen for 3 or 4 years. I once bought another organic sunscreen to bring to the beach because I didn’t order in time —and it was a HUGE fail. The whole family hated it, we burned, and since then I always buy Coola. Since we also have a pool and are applying continuously, I need something that works! I saw they came out with a sunless tanner, and since I love the sunscreen it made sense to get it.

  1. Coola Sculpting Mousse

This is the one I put in my cart and bought with this and this.

Applying: Coola’s sculpting mousse is really easy to apply with the applicator/exfoliator mitt. It comes out light and airy and goes on smooth and effortless. I always exfoliate in the shower, use the exfoliation side of the mitt after I am dry, then put my normal lotion on before applying. I feel like this helps to be less streaky and to get a very natural look.  I always start at my feet and work my way up. (Hint: use circular motions to applying for less streaks.) The mitt really helps me apply it evenly. The scent is a light pina colada and not overpowering.

About: A little extra info on this brand. They are Ecocert certified (70% organic certified ingredients). Their DHA is derived from sugar beets. They are vegan. They are made with concentrated caffeine to support smoother and firmer skin. They are made with plants; antioxidant enriched and never have GMOs or parabens. They are also environment friendly and cruelty free.

Results and Review: I always have a great experience with this sunless tanner. It goes on light and smooth. It absorbs into the skin pretty much on contact. I highly recommend buying an applicator to put it on. The color from this sunless tanner is very natural. You definitely get tan, but it isn’t a deep, dark tan. If you want it to go from natural to bronzed, I would apply again the next day and you can build it up. This is a tanner that you can definitely layer to get the desired color. Here are some pictures of before and after one application. Of course, it was a cloudy day so I tried to go to a place in the house that had the most natural light.

Before using Coola.

After using Coola.

  1. Beauty by Earth Natural Self Tanner

This is the one I put in my cart and bought along with this. This is what I used to apply because I do not like to apply with my hands.

Applying: This formula is a little thicker than the other one, but it does absorb into skin quickly. I always exfoliate and moisturize before I apply much like I said in the first review. I used the brush the first time and the mitt the second time that I applied this one, and I like the mitt the best. Both work well, I am just partial to the mitt. The applicators really help apply the tanner evenly. The scent to this one smells like vanilla upon application.

About: This brand is certified cruelty free, vegan, and is made with natural and organic ingredients. It doesn’t seem to be certified like Coola, but I read through their about section and their mission is to create high quality products with the best possible ingredients. Looking at what is in this product myself, I was not concerned. They also use sustainable packaging for all of their products to help the environment.

Results and Review: This sunless tanner is in a cream form, so it is heavier than the foam and I felt like there was more room for error aka streaks. I would definitely use an applicator and not your hands for this one. The color from this sunless tanner is more bronzed, so I felt like it finished darker than the Coola one.  It smells like vanilla when applying, and if you do get a few streaks, I got one, I just reapplied the next day to fix it. Here are some pictures of before and after one application. I also feel that this formula wears off easier and more unnatural. I felt like I had some tan spots on my knees after a few days and they came off after my shower just by rubbing the towel on them. So, not terrible it just doesn’t fade as well. The Coola brand seems to wear more natural, however you don’t get the same level of bronze as you do with this one.

Before using Beauty by Earth.

After using Beauty by Earth.

Overall, I would use both of these sunless tanners again. I like the Coola for the easy application. I like the Beauty by Earth for more of a bronzed look. I don’t sunless tan often and I felt like both of these products were easy enough to use.

I will apply before my beach vacation and then layer on my SPF 50 so that, hopefully, I won’t burn. There are some tanning oils out there that I am very interested to try, so stay tuned to my IG stories because when I am done these two, I plan on trying them out.

I know this year has been crazy, but I do hope that you can enjoy a small vacation away and hear those waves crashing against the shore, with your feet in the sand and some warm sun rays on your skin. If you try either of these sunnless tanners let me know what your experience is!

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Stay well my friends!